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Cleaning a new build or new construction is a messy task, but your project is not completed until you go for its thorough and deep cleaning. New build cleaning services are essential before people moving into it.

For instance, you are moving into your newly constructed home, but unfortunately, you cannot move in because it needs to be professionally cleaning. There are ninety percent chances that you would encounter dust or dirt in the corners of your home or on the walls and ceilings.

Moving to a new home brings about joys and happiness, but thinking of this entire situation makes one feel annoyed.

Biome offers a helping hand by cleaning the interior and exterior of your newly built home. Once you hire us to clean your new build, you can get all the essential cleaning without any difficulty.

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New Build Cleaning Services:

New build cleaning services are the best way to take proper care of your expensive investment. You can hire professional cleaners to tackle the hassle and to get things done perfectly.

Whether you are a builder providing construction services or you are a new home owner and want to reside in your home or want to rent out or an investor willing to sell property afterward, availing of our services will help you get much relaxation and comfort.


We offer the following services for new build cleaning projects:

Cleaning of walls, ceilings, floor, fixtures, and fittings
Dusting off all the surfaces
Washing, vacuuming, and mopping of floors and stairs
Deep cleaning of toilets, showers, bathtubs, sinks, lights, towel racks, and tissue paper holders
Polishing of mirrors and furniture
Cleaning of wardrobe, cupboards, shelves, countertops, and cabinets
Removal of dust and debris from hallways, corridors, and entry passages
Dusting off curtains, blinds, shades
Removal of marks from walls, door handles, doorknobs, and doors
Cleaning of air filters and air vents
Disinfection and sanitization of different surfaces
Removal of smell from chemicals, wood, sealant, and paint.

Dealing with a construction project is a bit challenging task itself; free yourself from the responsibility of its thorough cleaning by letting us do so.

Take some rest after putting your energy into your new build by hiring professional cleaners from Biome.

We offer complete and comprehensive cleaning of the entire commercial site. Biome ensures to help you enjoy a warm welcome into your new home by offering high-quality cleaning services.

If you want to avail of our new build cleaning services, you can call our friendly and cooperative staff and discuss your requirements. Our efficient and knowledgeable staff will assist you by providing details. You just need to pick a suitable plan for your cleaning site, and you are done with all of your demands and requirements.

Get rid of your stress by booking an appointment with our expert and professional cleaners.

We promise you to offer high standard new build cleaning that will make your site shine and sparkle.  You can avail of our new build cleaning services for the following of your projects:

  • Offices
  • Homes
  • Small Businesses
  • Renovation to existing sites

So, let us know about your needs and requirements and get professional cleaning results.