Planning a sunny pool party or a night under the stars at your place? Opt for Biome’s driveway cleaning services to add that extra zing to your get-together.


Christchurch is blessed with a plethora of greenery and nature spaces and most residents of the city have an innate love for the outdoors. This is ultimately reflected in their homes as well.The houses of Christchurch are spacious not only from inside but also on the outside and the huge driveways or patios with plenty of greenery around each home are proof of this.


An important part of your house, a bright and sparkling driveway or patio makes a striking first impression on your guests.But exposed to all kinds of natural elements, driveways and patios being far from easy to clean.  Be it leaves in autumn or snow in winters, there are many elements that make driveways lose their sheen. Driveways and patios also get grimy with time as they are porous and tend to absorb dust easily on a daily basis. Concrete and cobbled pathways also get covered from moss and weeds from time to time.


However, a tidy home is incomplete without a clean driveway and if you are looking for the best driveway cleaning services in Christchurch, your search ends right here at Biome.We offer the best driveway and hard floor cleaning services in Christchurch at highly competitive rates.Our super effective cleaning products and equipment ensure that your driveway is spic and span.We have the option of both soft wash and pressure washing equipment to choose from. So come what may – oil, grease, soot or moss, we remove them all and guarantee you that your driveway will remain sparkling for a long time to come.


The leaders in residential and commercial cleaning services in Christchurch, Biome’s skilled team of cleaners are available at your convenience. So if you have had a tough day or a hard week and look forward to relaxing with your friends and family over the week, just give us a call on022 076 0866.We will be there at your doorstep and offer you the best cleaning services in Christchurch.