For a bright and sparkling office space

A wise person once said, “Having a clear space and clear mind will allow you to think and act with purpose.” It’s true isn’t it? A clean space will indeed lead to more productivity and this is all the more applicable to workplaces.

The bustling city of Auckland is home to numerous offices and start-ups and the challenge of keeping them clean is immense. Regular cleaning and maintaining of an establishment not only goes a long way in keeping your employees happy but is also a stepping stone towards a booming business.

If you have an office space in Auckland and are hard-pressed for time to keep it clean, call us, at Biome, today. We offer you a range of professional commercial cleaning services that are not only convenient but also affordable.

Always at your service

Biome is the right pick for all office and business owners in Auckland looking for a professional commercial cleaning service. From vacuuming of floors to dusting of corners, we keep your office shiny and spotless so that you and your employees look forward to come to work every day. Our easy bookings, top-notch equipment and numerous services executed to perfection by a team of skilled staff are sure to leave a smile on your face.

Some of our services include –

Small office cleaning

If you own a small space in Auckland and are worried about keeping it clean, fear not! Biome’s professional cleaning experts at adept at cleaning office spaces of all sizes. All you have to do is pick a time and service that are convenient for you and leave the rest to us. We will come as per your schedule and convenience.

Customized cleaning

Are you looking for a specific cleaning service rather than an entire deep cleanse of your commercial space? We have a host of affordable and quick services that office owners in and around Auckland can pick from such as –

  • Vacuuming of floors
  • Mopping of hard floors
  • Cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms and surfaces
  • Restoring supplies in the bathrooms
  • Dusting of all areas, including wall hangings, decorations, furniture, desktops and monitors among others
  • Reorganization of lobbies and important spaces to strike the right impression on your clients
  • Removal of trash and relining of trash bins

Restaurant cleaning

Subject to regular inspections, restaurants need to be clean and hygienic at any given point of time. This is extremely essential not only for the safety of the employees but also the customers. Being a busy activity area, any kitchen needs to be cleaned from time to time and our expert cleaners will ensure that your kitchen is spick and span. Instead of worrying about keeping your kitchen clean, opt for our services today so that you can pay complete attention to whipping up all those delectable delights that are a big hit with your customers!

Choose us, today

Opt for our services today and see your workspace transform into a hub of productivity and prosperity. Give us a call now on 022 076 0866.